Overcome Your Digestive Problems and Wake Each Day Feeling Fabulous In Body and Mind


 Hi there

My name is Dave Hompes and in 2007 when I was feeling well below par, I’d pretty much been written off by my doctor and told to “go home and live with it.” Sound familiar?

Bloating, heartburn, smelly gas and poo, low energy, bad moods, crap sleep, skin problems and low sex drive were the curses of each day - I wasn't fun to be around, and my work, income and outlook on life were suffering badly.

If you can relate to some or all of this, watch the 3-minute video and carry on reading to see how I quickly transformed my health and dedicated my life to helping to others…

Like I was, if you’re also struggling to find answers to explain your symptoms and if you’d like a proven and organized program to help you feel well again, you’ve come to the right place and I’m certain we can help.

Introducing the...


A step-by-step nutrition, lifestyle, and supplement program to transform your digestion, reboot your energy and regain your zest for life!

  • Unique online digestive healing and health rejuvenation program with me, Dave Hompes, and my gut healing colleague, Jack Walton
  • Everything you need to know about beating H-pylori, Candida, parasites, digesting your food and healing your digestive system
  • Essential information on how to detoxify your body and rejuvenate your immune system to stay healthy for a lifetime
  • These are the same programs we have used to transform thousands of digestive systems and lives over nearly a decade with our private clients… but at a fraction of the cost
  • Delivered in weekly installments so you’re not overwhelmed – take the program at your own pace (great for busy lifestyles)
  • Weekly VIP member webinars and Q&A sessions with me and Jack, recorded in case you can’t tune in to the live session
  • Nutrition essentials, menu planners, recipes, shopping lists, food preparation tips, time-saving advice and more
  • All resources provided in video, audio and written format that you can conveniently download and print with ease
  • The latest proven, cutting edge herbal supplement protocols for removing “bad bugs,” improving digestion and healing your gut
  • Everything we know on how to improve your energy, mood, skin, sleep, sex drive, and reduce chronic pain…
  • A very special online community to make new, acquaintances, friends and share ideas
  • Special free “members only” bonuses that you will not get anywhere else – these are insider tips usually reserved for our clients
  • Member discounts on stool testing, other lab tests and private test result interpretation and consultations

Sound good? If do, why not join our community today, or read on to learn more about how the Digestive Reset Plan works, and how it can help you reclaim your wellness.


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Joining the Digestive Recovery Plan and becoming a member of our special community couldn’t be easier. 

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We’ll also send you details of how to join our online community and how to access your weekly Q&A sessions.

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I understand if the digestive reset plan is not for me, you'll refund me in full and the videos and downloads are still mine to keep.


Quickly regain control of your digestion, body and mind


My story is a pretty common one…I’ve heard it a thousand times from frustrated clients from all around the world.

Back in 2007 I had nearly a dozen different symptoms. I had heartburn and acid reflux, swelling and bloat in my stomach and loose stools.

I was very tired, not sleeping well, and had rollercoaster moods ranging from depression to anxiety and irritability.

My skin was flaky and I had dandruff and fungal toenails. On top of all that, my sex drive was on the floor. Frustratingly, I’d been written off by the doctors and told to “go home and live with it.” 

Sound vaguely familiar? If so, don’t worry. 

While you might have been told you just have to live with symptoms like these, the truth is that you CAN look and feel yourself again.

What’s more, a much better level of health is closer than you think. In fact, it is well within your reach if you take a few simple steps.

Using the secrets you’re about to learn, I was quickly able to overcome all my symptoms and feel like myself again.

I got my sleep, energy and sex drive back, my skin and digestion cleared up and I was able to resume a completely normal and vibrant life.

In fact, at 42, I can honestly say I feel better than I did when I was at school. As long as I keep following the information I’m sharing with you, my health just gets better and better.

By following these very same steps, you too can get your vitality back and feel fabulous in body and mind.


Dave Hompes.


A little more about the Digestive Reset Plan

Let’s be clear: All the information you need to heal your digestion, body and mind is available on the Internet. The trouble is that it’s fragmented, and has no organisation or structure. 

As a result, it’s massively confusing, frustrating, and can really piss you off:

Who the heck do you believe? What do you do first? When should you add the next step? Which supplements work? Which ones don’t? What tests should you do? How do you even know what’s working? 

I want to cut through the crap and help you get some decent - even life-changing results – and to get them as quickly as possible without it breaking the bank.

I also want to SUPPORT you through the process, so that you can have your questions answered as you go along rather than having them building up and becoming stressful.

The Digestive Reset Plan guides you through a proven, state-of-the-art program to optimize your diet, eating habits, sleep and recuperation so that your digestion heals and your body works better.

It gives you sensible and logical start, middle and end points, which enable you to follow proven structure that gets results, not to mention dissolves your confusion and frustration!

And it’s not just about lifestyle. This program also provides all the herbal and nutritional supplement protocols I use with my clients when I’m working with them one-on-one.

In fact, you receive the same program I’ve fine-tuned from working with more than 2,000 private clients over the last 9 years of clinical practice (gosh, is it that long already?), but at a fraction of the cost.

I’m honoured and blessed to have done more than 11,000 consulting hours in my career, with people ranging from new moms, kids as young as 4, elderly clients as old as 80, and a range of athletes and celebrities.

All the principles and practices I’ve learned over the years and used with my clients are included in this unique online program! Nothing is left out.

The Digestive Reset Plan helps you remove bad bugs like H-pylori, parasites and Candida from your gut, improve your digestion and then heal your digestive system for good. 

You’ll learn how to gently and effectively detoxify and cleanse your body, support your liver, kidneys and immune system, boost your metabolism and balance your hormones.

You’ll have more energy, improved sleep and rest, dissolve chronic pain, improve your mood and skin, boost your sex drive and balance out your menstrual cycle. 

Although I can’t promise it, you might also be able to discontinue some of your medications, and your body weight will normalise, whether you desire to lose or gain weight.

You can easily use this plan if you have a busy lifestyle - it is great for the whole family and is designed to remove stress from your life, and not add to it.

We hold your hand and support you all the way via regular interaction on the website and forum, and via weekly Q&A and troubleshooting calls. 

You can email us and leave messages any time, and we’ll answer your questions as quickly as we can.

What’s more, being a part of our community is 100% RISK FREE. You can stop your membership any time if you feel it’s not for you, and there’s no long-term commitment. 

But we think you’ll love it and we hope you’ll want to stay with us and truly optimise your digestion, body and mind.

Who is the Digestive Reset Plan for?


This program can help you if you have any of the following digestive complaints and are not sure why:

  • Heartburn, indigestion, belching and reflux
  • A sour or metallic taste in your mouth
  • Inflamed or bleeding gums
  • Dizziness and nausea associated with digestion
  • Bloating and gas
  • Stomach and abdominal pain
  • Slow and difficult bowel movements (constipation)
  • Hot, loose or runny bowel movements
  • Foul smelling or odd-coloured bowel movements
  • A feeling of incomplete evacuation after going to the toilet

It will be an enormous help to you if you have been diagnosed with irritable bowel syndrome or any other “functional” gut disorder.

We cannot claim to heal medical conditions such as ulcers, colitis, or other more advanced conditions, but this program is usually very helpful in reducing their severity and accelerating recovery alongside medical treatment.

The Digestive Reset Plan is also massively helpful if you:

  • Are finding it hard to tolerate foods, or if you have lots of cravings
  • Have been diagnosed with H. pylori
  • Know you have Candida, parasites or other chronic digestive invaders
  • Have tested positive for intestinal parasites
  • You struggle when exposed to chemicals like petrol fumes and perfumes
  • Frequently catch colds and flu
  • Have a lot of skin problems
  • Feel tired and sluggish for no reason
  • Struggle with anxiety or depressed moods
  • Have problems with mental focus (brain fog) and memory 
  • Suffer from chronic headaches or muscle and joint pain
  • Have a hard time getting interested in sex
  • Feel like your menstrual cycle and hormones are off balance
  • Struggle with urinary tract infections (UTIs)
  • Have heart palpitations yet your ECG and medical assessments are clear

Your digestive system can be at the root of these symptoms and struggles because it is connected to all other parts of your body. 

The program will help you identify the reasons for your symptoms, how they are connected to your gut, and provide a clear pathway for you to feel better over time.

Finally, this program will be of great help if you simply want to learn the best possible healthy eating and lifestyle habits to optimize your health and performance.


Why I Created this Program and Community

Today, my practice, writing and practitioner training work are busier than I’d ever have imagined. It gets better every year but it eats up my time.

Since Jack and I are limited in the number of people we can actually see in person or consult on Skype, I’m doing my best to make sure everyone discovers what truly works so I can make a real difference to as many lives as possible.

This program is the best way I know how to get all my information out to people in an accessible and affordable way, and without having to spend hours and hours reading books.

In this program I teach the same steps my clients and I have used over the last decade to achieve the level of vitality we could have only dreamed of.

My mission is to share with you how I changed my life from a state of chronic, embarrassing sickness, pain and suffering, to one of energy vitality and happiness.

What Is Wellness?

Treating symptoms or disease is not the same as attaining peak wellness. Wellness is about feeling the best you can. Treatment is only about controlling symptoms.

Wellness is not simply going to your primary care doctor once every few years and being told all your numbers are “in range” even though you feel crap.

It’s also not a “wait and see” approach to see if your symptoms or labs get progressively worse, which they will if you do nothing about them.

Wellness is about feeling great in mind and body and this is a program to help you regain your wellness.

In the process, you WILL overcome your symptoms, whether they are mostly in your gut, or related to your energy level, mood, skin, sleep or any other nagging complaint you might currently worry about.

The Digestive Reset Plan in More Detail

This simple and effective online program contains everything needed to help you:

  • Remove all the foods that are damaging your health and replace them with simple, tasty alternatives.
  • Beat H-Pylori using specific foods and a proven supplement plan.
  • Remove Candida, parasites and other critters using foods and natural supplements.
  • Digest your food more effectively and get nutrients to your body’s cells to boost energy, skin, mood, and more.
  • Heal and optimize your digestive tract from top-down: your mouth, stomach and intestine to your liver, pancreas and gallbladder.
  • Bulletproof your immune system so you are free from digestive trouble for good and get less colds and flu.
  • Look and feel your best and learn how to reduce the chances of future health problems.

You can expect to save heaps of time and money in…

  • Dowsing heartburn, acid reflux & overcoming irritable bowels
  • Deflating your bloated belly and flattening your tummy
  • Overcoming constipation, abdominal pain and diarrhoea
  • Boosting your energy levels and vitality
  • Dissolving chronic aches and pains in your body
  • Lifting or calming your moods and improving your memory
  • Getting a full, interrupted and restorative night’s sleep
  • Revivifying your skin, hair and nails

12 Ways This Programme Will
Enhance Your Life

1. Beat H-pylori, remove pain & heal your digestion

The Internet is a confusing place sometimes – everybody tells you their product is the best and it gets so confusing. 

So I’m going to give you a clear and concise plan to follow in order to not only beat H-pylori, but also heal your stomach and intestine using food and proven supplement protocols. 

2. Learn new habits to keep you healthy 

You are the sum total of the habits you have in your life. Some habits can benefit you, but others might cause you a few challenges. 

I’ll help you create and embed completely new habits in a stress-free, step-by-step way to help create a new you... 

3. Gain clarity and banish confusion 

I know it can be confusing and deeply frustrating to try and figure out which diet to follow, and which “cleanse” works best. But I know this programme works because I’ve fine-tuned it with thousands of clients. 

You’ll gain ultimate clarity and know for certain what works for you as an individual, melting away your confusion and frustration. 

4. Save time

As you know, trying approach after approach is tedious and extremely time-consuming, especially when they don’t work. 

By pulling together my research and experience, I’ve created a plan that removes the hassle for you and gives what you need in a logical step-by-step process. 

5. Save Money

I don’t know how much money you’ve spent in the past on diets, supplements, tests, medications, cleanses and other professional treatments. 

Once you have applied the recommendations in this programme, you won’t need to try fancy diets, or waste money on herbs and supplements that don’t work. 

And how about saving money on healthcare well into the future, by ensuring you seamlessly learn and adapt the healthiest possible lifestyle habits for the rest of your life. 

6. Be more energised 

Food allergies, H-Pylori, parasites and Candida can sap your energy. But after this programme you will no longer be deficient and running around wondering why you’re tired and have no energy. 

In fact, people will begin asking how you manage to have so much energy! Energy is everything, so as you increase your energy levels, many other elements of your body and mind will improve. 

7. Gater wisdom 

I share years and years of my experience, working with thousands of clients, a huge amount of clinic research and trial and error with you. 

Believe me when I say this saves you an enormous amount of time in trying to figure it out for yourself, and gets you the results you’re so desperate for much faster. 

What’s more, once you have the knowledge and wisdom imparted in this programme, you have it for life. 

8. Experience body-wide rejuvenation 

It doesn’t matter what cluster of symptoms you have – this programme can help. 

Some of the conditions I’ve seen improve when people follow the recommendations include thyroid disease, insomnia, depression, chronic fatigue, arthritic pain, blood pressure, cholesterol and even type II diabetes. 

That’s on top of other common diagnoses such as IBS, PMS, skin conditions low sex drive. 

Your body will heal on this programme – it’s almost impossible for it not to. 

9. Move forward rapidly, yet seamlessly  

It is now time to move forward and this programme will set the pace for you in a way that takes you the distance, and helps you go further with your health than you thought possible. 

You won’t feel overwhelmed as you move fluidly through the programme at a comfortable pace. You remain part of our community for as long as you like. 

10. Fresh Perspective

I am always researching, testing and trying new things on the cutting edge of health and will always offer a fresh perspective for you on issues you may currently think are “clear-cut. 

11. Transformation and Rejuvenation

Experience your body, mind and life in a way you have never before done, and may never have thought possible. 

As every cell in your body responds to your new nutrition plan and lifestyle, you’ll experience transformation and rejuvenation on several levels. 

Your body affects your mind, and your mind affects your body. As you restore balance in one, so to do you automatically support the other. 

That’s why brighter moods, greater feelings of self-esteem and accomplishment accompany the improvements this programme brings to your digestive, detoxification and immune systems. 

12. Feel Inspired 

As soon as you begin learning this cutting edge information and seamlessly implementing it into your lifestyle, you’ll feel inspired to keep it going and maintain your progress. 

You’ll also want to share your newly found wisdom with your friends and loved ones, and you’ll be truly inspired by the progress and improvements you see in your fellow Hompes Method community members.

It's easy to join the community and get started

Joining the Digestive Recovery Plan and becoming a member of our special community couldn’t be easier. 

Just click the Add To Cart button below..

You’ll receive an email with your username & password details, allowing you to log in to the members’ area and begin transforming your gut health, energy, body and mind, right away.

We’ll also send you details of how to join our online community and how to access your weekly Q&A sessions.

Join the community today and get Immediate 24/7 access to the
Digestive Reset Plan


Only $27/month


I understand if the digestive reset plan is not for me, you'll refund me in full and the videos and downloads are still mine to keep.


How The Digestive Reset Plan Works

When you join the program, you’ll immediately receive your login details so you access the first week’s materials.

You’ll receive all the education, videos, audios, wisdom sheets, shopping lists, recipes and “cheat sheets” you need to transform your digestive health, body and mind once and for all. Nothing is left out.


Build Momentum and Avoid Overwhelm with our Logical Week-by-Week Content Delivery

  • The Digestive Reset Plan gives you “virtual living room access” to me as I deliver your weekly lesson content.
  • It’s like a VIP “virtual consulting service” without the expensive consulting fees, delivered exclusively online via a secure member’s website – you receive your very own login details.
  • I hold your hand week-by-week through a process of optimising your nutrition and lifestyle, introducing supplement protocols and employing simple, yet little known tonics and techniques to boost your wellness.
  • You get access to our unique online community so you can interact with fellow members, share ideas, make friends and have me or a member of my team answer your questions.
  • Each week you receive a support call where you are free to listen in live and ask me your questions. If you can’t make the live call, you can send in your questions and have me answer them on the call, then listen to the replay.
  • I teach you the exact process for using herbal and nutritional supplements to beat H-Pylori, parasites, Candida and other bad bugs, including what to take, when to take it, how much to take, how long to take it and where to buy it.
  • Once the bad bugs are gone, you learn how to heal your delicate digestive lining and boost your immune system to ensure you don’t get reinfected.
  • I also help you implement abundant “tricks of the trade” that I use in my own day-to-day life and with my clients stay in tip-top condition.
  • The main lessons are provided weekly so you don’t feel overwhelmed. The content is manageable and helps you implement the plan in a stress-free way.
  • Each lesson is delivered via one or more short narrated video presentations that are super-easy to follow.
  • Each lesson can be downloaded as an MP3 audio file so you can listen to the materials at your leisure on your mobile device.
  • With each lesson you receive an Executive Summary that explains the reasons behind my recommendations and how they will benefit you.
  • Each weekly instalment comes complete with a simple “Action Guide” to help you implement the recommendations in a stress-free and efficient manner, even if you are busy.
  • You receive with a wealth of resources to make implementation of the program easy to implement, including recipes, shopping lists, cheat sheets, wisdom nuggets, cooking guidelines and more…

Here’s Your Lesson Guide...

Week 1– Optimising morning routine, breakfast and morning snacks.

Week 2 – Optimising lunch and afternoon snacks (including busy lifestyles).

Week 3 – Optimising dinner and evening snacks (including busy lifestyles).

Week 4 – Optimising sleep and daily rhythm and why this matters for digestive health.

Week 5 – How to personalise your water consumption and hydration strategy, including the best hydrating fruits and vegetables.

Week 6 – Why protein is important for digestive healing and immune function and which ones help to reduce inflammation and enhance digestion.

Week 7 – Why fats & oils are important and how to choose the right ones to support energy levels, mood and healing.

Week 8 – How to choose the right carbohydrates to improve energy and stop heartburn, bloating and digestive pain.

Week 9 – How to boost your intake of vitamins and minerals without having to take expensive supplements.

Week 9 – How gluten damages your intestine, brain and other organs and how to eat a simple gluten-free diet.

Week 10 - Why vegetable oils & even some green veggies can be bad news for your digestion, energy and immune system.

Week 11 - Why cow’s milk is the No.1 allergy food, how it causes problems & what to eat instead.

Week 12 - How too much soy in your diet damages your metabolism, hormones and digestion and how to make sure you minimise it in your diet.

You’ll Also Receive Special Bonus Lessons

Bonus 1 How artificial sweeteners upset your microbiome, causing digestive problems and how to avoid them.

Bonus 2 – How to use food and specific supplements to restore a healthy microbiome / gut flora, including the top probiotic foods.

Bonus 3 The scientific truth about probiotics and how they can be a waste of time and money if you do not use them properly.

Bonus 4 How alcohol affects your digestion, energy and body and why it must be minimized to heal digestion.

Bonus 5 – Some simple 5-minute breathing techniques to improve digestion, reduce stress and bring relaxation.

Bonus 6 – How your spine and posture can affect your digestive system and some simple stretches and exercises can improve them.

Bonus 7- How your vagus nerve (which stimulates digestion) can become lazy, and how you can stimulate it to improve digestion, energy and relaxation.

Resources to make things Really
Simple for You!

  • My colour-coded Food List laid out like a traffic light system of green (great), amber (okay) and red (bad) foods.
  • Weekly Meal Planners for you to adapt to your taste, as well as some amazing additional meal and recipe planning resources.
  • Dozens of simple Beneficial Breakfast, Luscious Lunch and Delicious Dinner ideas, and links to additional recipes if mine aren’t enough J
  • Simple, healthy Morning & Afternoon Snack ideas to curb cravings and help you focus and concentrate better.
  • Delicious 5-10 minute Salad Ideas using ingredients that support rather than suppress your digestion.
  • Guidance on how to implement the Digestive Reset Plan if you have a Busy Lifestyle!
  • Recommendations to help you improve your Food Preparation efficiency, leaving you plenty of time to do all the other things you enjoy.
  • Guidance on how to optimise your Meal Timings to reduce stress on your body, banish cravings and improve energy and mental clarity.
  • A Simple, yet little known Nutrition Secret to help ensure you get a good night’s sleep and wake refreshed and revitalised the next day.
  • Simple, “fool-proof” guidelines on how to personalise your daily Water and Fluid Intake.
  • The many benefits of Coconut Oil and how to use it effectively to improve energy levels, digestive function, thyroid health and overall hormone balance.
  • The benefits of Gelatin-rich Foods and how to use them to reduce inflammation, improve digestion, skin, hair and detoxification.
  • How to personalise your Coffee Consumption to aid your mineral absorption, without worrying about it being unhealthy, but at the same time realise how NOT to drink coffee and when it can be harmful to your body.
  • How to make Tasty Desserts and Sweet Snacks, whilst taking strain away from your gut and supporting your body’s metabolism (these are GREAT for kids!)

Additional Tummy and Body Detox Tips

 Placed strategically amongst the weekly lessons and their action guides, you’ll also receive a lavish supply of my best ever little healthy hints and tips.

Tiny little things can sometimes make the biggest differences, so I’ve added as many of my “clinical pearls” as possible.

You can introduce most of them in as little as five minutes per day, or less, which is why I use them in my own day-to-day health-maintenance plan!

  • My homemade Detox Toothpaste Recipe helps to freshen your breath, kill bacteria, yeast and naturally whiten your teeth.
  • How to use a Salt Mouthwash and gargle to keep your mouth, tongue and teeth healthy, whilst decreasing the load of “bad bugs” entering your gut.
  • How to use the humble Carrot Salad to detoxify your gut, improve digestion and reduce levels of potentially dangerous hormones.
  • How the ancient art of Oil Pulling while you’re in the shower can detoxify your mouth and potentially improve digestion.
  • How to use Skin-Brushing techniques to help you detoxify and improve help lymph circulation.
  • How to use a Castor Oil Pack to improve your liver detoxification.
  • How to use a Magnesium Bath to relax after a hard day’s work and improve your mineral levels without the need for supplementation.
  • How to use Bone Broth to optimise your intake of anti-inflammatory proteins, vitamins and minerals.
  • How to use Mineral Broth to improve your mineral intake, again without the need for supplementation.

…and many more special hints and tips!


It's easy to join the community and get started

Joining the Digestive Recovery Plan and becoming a member of our special community couldn’t be easier. 

Just click the Add To Cart button below..

You’ll receive an email with your username & password details, allowing you to log in to the members’ area and begin transforming your gut health, energy, body and mind, right away.

We’ll also send you details of how to join our online community and how to access your weekly Q&A sessions.

Join the community today and get Immediate 24/7 access to the
Digestive Reset Plan

Only $27/month


I understand if the digestive reset plan is not for me, you'll refund me in full and the videos and downloads are still mine to keep.


Introducing "The Vault"

The Digestive Reset Plan is more than just a nutrition and lifestyle plan, and The Vault is where things get interesting.

Many factors can disrupt the way your digestive system and body work, ultimately making you feel unwell or lowering your performance level.

They can be quite subtle, yet very damaging. Thankfully, these factors are relatively easy to minimize and avoid once you know what they are.

Once you join the Digestive Reset Plan, The Vault is available at all times so you can educate and empower yourself by learning and understanding everything that can create problems with your body, mind, health and performance.

Whats In"The Vault"

Aside from H-pylori, there are some easily avoidable and curable influences that can disrupt the way your body works and create symptoms and illness.

They can be subtle, yet damaging. Thankfully, these environmental factors are easy to minimize and avoid.

As a member of the Digestive Reset Plan, The Vault is available at all times so you can educate and empower yourself about everything that upsets digestion, body and mind.

It contains all the research and clinical information you could possibly need to know about these topics, and more:

  • The microbiome
  • Helicobacter pylori
  • Candida and fungal overgrowth
  • Parasites
  • Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth (SIBO)
  • Biofilms
  • Food allergy and intolerance
  • Leaky gut syndrome
  • Detoxification
  • At home lab testing to help uncover the root cause

Each section in The Vault has 1-2 videos and downloadable audio files explaining each topic, as well as a simple bullet-point PDF handout for you to file away and review at your convenience.

These sections are being medically and scientifically referenced so, if necessary, you can take them to your doctor for discussion.


"The Herb Garden"

The Herb Garden is a special section of your Digestive Reset Plan members’ area that provides all the supplement protocols we use with our clients. 

You will learn how to use these protocols, when to use them, and in the correct sequence. You will also learn what to do in the unlikely event that these protocols cause side effects.

The advantage of using these protocols is that you know they work. We have used them successfully in thousands of cases, so there is no guesswork here.

Different options, suppliers and ordering instructions are available for each protocol to cater for your location AND we have agreed special discounts for you with the suppliers.

The "Herb Garden" protocols you will receive with this plan

  • Stomach cleanses
  • Yeast, fungal and Candida cleanses
  • Parasite cleanses
  • Small intestinal bacterial overgrowth cleanses
  • Digestive support protocols 
  • Protocols to heal the stomach and intestinal lining
  • Anti-inflammatory and pain relief protocols
  • Probiotic protocols
  • Immune boosting protocols
  • Liver and gallbladder support protocols
  • Nutrient replacement protocols
  • Kidney support protocols
  • Urinary tract support protocols (great for women with UTIs)

These protocols come complete with instructions on how to use them for maximum benefit, how to fine-tune them for your individual needs and where you can buy the products in your country.

  • What dose to take (including kids’ doses)
  • Whether to take a supplement with food or away from food
  • What time to take it
  • How long to take it for
  • What to do if it causes you some irritation

Again, these are the very same protocols I recommend to my private clients to make sure feel better as quickly as possible, boost energy, banish bloating and pain, sleep well, lose weight and look a million dollars

I’ve used the protocols with thousands of people, tweaking and fine-tuning to make sure the dosing is effective and gets the job done.

These protocols use the very best quality products from the best supplement companies on the planet. I still use some of these products in my own life to maintain optimal wellness, and now I’m bringing them to you.

Remember that as a VIP member of our community you receive significant discounts on these incredible supplements.


Taking Your Time

There is a lot of information in this plan and that’s why I deliver it on a weekly basis. 

The Digestive Reset Plan is designed to give you LASTING results in a way that does not cause stress and overwhelm.

Rejuvenating your wellness doesn’t happen overnight. It took me 3 months to overcome my symptoms, and 6 months to feel on top of the world again.

I can’t say how long it will take for you to reach your goals – some people feel fantastic again within 30-days, others may take longer.

What I can guarantee is that if you stick to the plan for an initial 90-days, you’re going to feel significantly better unless there is a major unidentified issue that has not been addressed.

Our openness to answering your questions, as well as the weekly support calls and online community help you overcome these hurdles should you encounter them.


Weekly Support Calls and Community

Each week, we run support calls and Q&A sessions to make sure you receive the ongoing support needed for your success.

There’s nothing more frustrating than beginning a program, getting stuck, and having nowhere to turn and nobody to provide help. We’ve all been there.

Jack and I, and everyone involved with this community, want to make sure you reach your goals and this means we’re here to help, not hide.

From years of experience, we know that people often have the same questions, and that answering one person helps many others.

So if you choose to become a VIP member of the Digestive Reset Plan – and I really hope you do - please do not be afraid to ask for help!

It’s Time to Take Charge of Your Health and Body

There’s a definite reason you’re not feeling well today.

It could be the food you’re eating, a chronic digestive infection, some toxins, or a nutrient deficiency.

What’s more, the stress and anxiety around not knowing what’s happening and what to do could be making things worse.

Whatever the reason is, you have the power to address it and this program will teach you how.

Don’t let anyone tell you that you have to put up with your symptoms for the rest of your life.

You CAN get well, and great health is closer than you think.

I want you to put my 11,000+ client sessions to work for you and follow my scientific, clinically proven system to get well and feel fabulous again.

With this program you’’ receive everything I know about restoring your wellness having to read long, complicated books or shelling out on expensive consultations and treatment sessions.

I feel better now than I did at 16 years old and I want you to experience the same things in your life and help you transform your body, your health and your happiness.

This program puts the power back in your hands and gives you the information you need to take your health to a much higher level.

Easy Access Monhtly Membership

I realise it can be daunting to start a health program – there are so many expensive options out there and you don’t know what you’re going to get for your money.

We don’t want finances to get in the way of you having a healthy, happy and long life, so there is no huge up front cost to this program.

Our consulting fees start at $200 / £160 per hour, and a six-month program with me is $2,600 or £2,000.

By joining our community, you get access to virtually everything I know for a modest monthly subscription fee, and you can cancel your membership whenever you like.

You can dip in and out of the materials whenever you like – the information will always be there for you, and I’ll update it whenever I come across new findings in my daily research.

Zero Risk, Cast Iron Money Back Guarantee


You’re about to learn in a few weeks what took me almost decade of trial and error and significant expense to learn.

I’m supremely confident you’re going to achieve superb results by following my recommendations.

I’d like to give you 100% risk-free access to the H-pylori Home Recovery and Digestive Reset Plan programme.

If  after 30-days you’re not happy with your membership, simply cancel your subscription and I’ll refund every penny or cent.

Just send us an email requesting your refund, and explaining which aspect of the programme has not worked for you and we’ll return your money immediately.


Wrapping Up – Here’s What You Get

  • Weekly videos and audios on how to eat well for optimal digestion, body and mind
  • Action guides, food lists, recipes, meal plans, cheat sheets, and all your other practical resources
  • My personal invitation to our online community, so you can interact with fellow members, make friends and share recommendations
  • Weekly support calls get your questions and challenges resolved quickly
  • Simple home detox tricks and remedies to boost your immune system, body and mind
  • Access to The Vault, with all my knowledge on key digestive health topics
  • Access to The Herb Garden and all its proven herbal and nutritional supplement protocols
  • Zero additional fees for updates and new content added in the future
  • Special member discounts on consultations
  • Special member discounts on stool tests and other home health tests
  • Significant discounts on supplements from our suppliers
  • VIP, advanced invitations to our webinars and in-person seminars
  • My 100% cast iron money back guarantee, redeemable up to 30-days into your program

It's easy to join the community and get started

 Joining the Digestive Recovery Plan and becoming a member of our special community couldn’t be easier. 

Just click the Add To Cart button below..

You’ll receive an email with your username & password details, allowing you to log in to the members’ area and begin transforming your gut health, energy, body and mind, right away.

We’ll also send you details of how to join our online community and how to access your weekly Q&A sessions.

Join the community today and get Immediate 24/7 access to the
Digestive Reset Plan

Only $27/month


I understand if the digestive reset plan is not for me, you'll refund me in full and the videos and downloads are still mine to keep.


P.S. Remember, the H-Pylori Home Recovery & Digestive Reset Plan is 100% risk-free; if you are not happy with the program after 30-days, just email us and we’ll send you an immediate and full refund.


Feel free to send an email to info@hompesmethod.com if you have any questions about the Digestive Reset Plan. 

Dave Hompes


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